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Ammunition handling

Meggitt Defense Systems provides ammunition storage and handling systems used by militaries around the world. We develop, manufacture, market and service high quality Linear Linkless™ ammunition handling and autoloader systems offering operational reliability and automatic handling of rounds, providing more efficient weapon systems to the field. We are a technology leader in automated feed and resupply, and we manufacture to rigorous MIL-SPEC performance and environmental requirements. Meggitt delivers world class ammunition handling technology for hydraulic or electric powered platforms and is actively involved in the development of next-generation combat systems.

From 20mm through 155mm, Meggitt Defense Systems has developed and fielded lightweight, high-reliability systems on the ground, in the air and at sea.

Contact: Mike Pattison
Vice President Tactical Systems
email: mike.pattison@meggitt.com
+1 949.465.7700