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Cobra 20mm linkless feed system

Our Cobra 20mm linkless feed system is designed to be used with the GTU-1/A
GTK-()/A49E-7() turret system and provides the high performance capability required to feed the M197 three- barreled electric Gatling gun.

Designed as a drop-in replacement for a linked system, the new Cobra 20mm system features four main components: the ammunition storage unit, merger loader, flexible chute assembly and linkless declutching feeder assembly. performance during engagements.

The system’s magazine assembly holds up to 652 rounds of 20mm ammunition in three-bays. Individual rounds are serpentined via three-single chain ladder assemblies. The merger unit assembly receives rounds through its bottom (feed) side and accelerates the ammunition to achieve the pitch spacing and velocity required to merge the three rows into one line. These rounds are then handed off to the conveyor elements within the flexible chute assembly and are transferred to the declutching feed, prior to being loaded in the gun’s breech.

Because each round is handled individually and precisely controlled throughout the system, gun jams are practically a thing of the past. The high reliability of our linear linkless technology results in lower maintenance cost and thus ultimately lower system life-cycle cost when compared to conventional link-fed ammunition feed systems. Additionally, eliminating the need to purchase links (through bulk procurement of 20mm ammunition) provides further operational cost savings for the life of the program.