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We design and produce vaneaxial, mixed flow, and centrifugal fans that operate from -65°F – +220°F, at speed between 3,600 – 24,000 RPM, with flows ranging from 67 – 15,600 CFM, with pressure rises from 2’’ – 35” WG. Our aerospace fans are designed for minimum weight, high performance, and maximum efficiency.

Our aerospace fans come complete with properly sized integrated AC/DC motors for 115/200 VAC, 60 Hz and 28, 270 and 600 VDC. Our fans can also be sized and linked up to independent AC/DC motors, hydraulic motors, and to direct gearboxes and engine PTO’s.


Our aerospace pumps have been produced in a wide variety of configurations, ranging from gerotors to centrifugal pumps with various drives. Drive methods include the use of AC induction, brushless DC, and direct shaft drive. Meggitt aerospace pumps are found on many platforms, such as the Apache AH-64, Osprey V-22, Eagle F-15, and LCAC.


Contact: Max Ellinthorpe
Business Development Manager, FPC
email: max.ellinthorpe@meggitt.com
+1 949.465.7700

Contact: William (Bill) Lawler
Business Development Manager, Thermal Systems
email: william.lawler@meggitt.com
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