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Parker Meggitt Defense Systems Division (DSD) stands at the forefront of aeromechanical innovation, particularly in the realm of towed targets. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has positioned us as the global leader in supplying towed target systems, control systems, and payloads. These cutting-edge solutions consistently establish industry benchmarks, excelling in performance, cost-effectiveness, and reliability.

A core component of our offerings includes towed targets that have played a pivotal role in supporting weapon development and in-service training on a global scale. Our aerial glide and towed target systems are meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of military applications, demonstrating a fusion of advanced technology and operational efficiency.

Pioneering the field, our portfolio encompasses a variety of targets, ranging from radar and infrared (IR) targets to low-level height-keeping and visually-augmented targets. This comprehensive suite ensures that our solutions address a spectrum of requirements, catering to the intricacies of modern warfare scenarios.

Beyond the targets themselves, our reeling machines and launch systems showcase versatility, featuring launch and recovery mechanisms powered by ram air-turbine, electric, and one-way inertia systems. This adaptability ensures compatibility with different platforms and operational contexts, enhancing the overall flexibility of our aeromechanical systems.

One of the standout features of our towed targets is their remarkable reach, with towlines extending up to an impressive 40,000 feet (12 kilometers). This extensive operational range enables a wide array of training scenarios and weapon system testing, contributing to the proficiency of armed forces globally.

Incorporating advanced technologies, our Doppler radar and acoustic scoring systems further elevate the capabilities of our aeromechanical solutions. These systems provide real-time feedback and precise scoring, facilitating enhanced training exercises and accurate evaluation of weapon systems.

In summary, Parker Meggitt Defense Systems Division is not just a supplier of towed targets; we are trailblazers in the aeromechanical domain, consistently pushing the boundaries of what is achievable. Our commitment to performance, cost-effectiveness, and reliability ensures that our aeromechanical systems play a pivotal role in shaping the capabilities of armed forces worldwide.

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