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Visual augmentor

The Visual Augmenter (VA) is a string sleeve consisting of four string panels joined at the forward end by a hoop cable and at the aft end by a knot. It is released and discarded upon completion of the training mission. Lead weights attached to the VA header cause the VA to sink when it is dropped into water. The four panels form a 31 inch by 30 foot long sleeve similar to a wind sock. Each panel is constructed from orange-colored, braided, polypropylene cords spaced approximately a half inch apart. The cords at the forward end of the panels are sandwiched between and are stitched to a one-piece, rectangular vinyl header. The header strip is folded over the ends of the cords to form a casing for passing the VA hoop cable through. At the aft end, the VA cords are bound together by a nylon band and bonded.