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TLX-1 Low-level height-keeping tow target

The TLX target realistically simulates an extremely low altitude missile threat. This is accomplished with a height-keeping flight profile which positions the TLX at any desired mission altitude from 20-500 feet while providing constant altitude feedback to the towing aircraft via telemetry link.

The TLX-1 offers the unique advantage of fully adjustable altitude settings during flight. This selected altitude is maintained to within +/-6 ft. throughout the mission. In addition to the low altitude simulation feature, the TLX can be fitted with various augmentation packages as required by the mission. All of these augmentation packages may be used simultaneously.

Passive radar enhancement is provided by an I/J/X-band screen reflector, which is coaxial mounted in the nose of the target. This reflector provides forward aspect radar augmentation to 3.5 square meters at I/J/X band. This reflector is used in conjunction with a clear plexiglass nosecone housing a 600,000 candlepower lamp if light augmentation is desired.