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TPT Plume augmented target

The TPT plume target is an infrared augmented target which provides an all-aspect infrared signature for use in evaluation and training with weapons systems and trackers employing infrared guided missiles or infrared fuzed ordnance.

The TPT uses readily available jet fuel (JP-4, JP8, JET A, etc.) which, when burned, produces an infrared signature very similar to that produced by a jet aircraft engine exhaust.

Pilot light ignition is accomplished with a pyrotechnic ignitor which is activated by a computer linked to the towing aircraft via telemetry. The main plume ignition is controlled via the computer, and there is sufficient fuel for (4) 2-minute main runs and 20 minutes of loiter time.

The TPT is designed to be flown in either a one-way configuration from the Meggitt LTC series of launchers, or in a two-way (recoverable) configuration.

It can be flown from any commercial or military aircraft capable of carrying external stores. It can also be flown from sub-scale or full-size drone aircraft.