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TGX-IR All aspect realistic infrared signature tow target

The TGX-IR towed target provides a forward looking Infrared (IR) signature as well as an all aspect plume generator for maximum IR coverage. The forward looking IR source is electrically powered and optimized (using a high efficiency AR coating on the window) to provide up to 40 watts/str of radiant intensity in the 3 to 5 micron band. Power is provided via the air driven generator located at the aft end of the target and there is sufficient internal volume to install a scoring system if required.

The plume generator provides an all-aspect IR source for IR-guided and fuzed missiles and ammunition. It uses readily available jet fuel (JP-4, JP8, JET A, etc.) which, when burned, produces an infrared signature that replicates jet aircraft engine exhaust. The plume functionality is controlled via a laptop based interface and a telemetry link is used to transmit critical target parameters and user commands.

The TGX-IR provides threat representative head-on IR signatures while also offering simulated jet engine exhaust for realistic weapons engagements at an affordable cost.