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TDK-39A Aerial gunnery tow target

The TDK-39 Aerial Gunnery Tow Target was developed to replace the TDU-10 Dart target and A/A37U-33 (SECAPEM 90B) target for the purpose of providing a gunnery target that is compatible with the operating airspeeds and maneuver capabilities of modern fighter aircraft. Compatible with Meggitt made RM series reeling machines, the TDK-39 is a re-usable solid body target specifically designed for high G maneuver capabilities providing a realistic air-to-air gunnery engagement.

The target houses a real time Doppler scoring system as well as an internal mechanism for deploying a 30 foot string sleeve Visual Augmentor (VA). This VA is the actual aim point of the engagement and is discarded into the sea after the TDK-39 is recovered and secured onto the reeling machine. Mission costs are therefore limited to the single use VA. The real time scoring system is optimized for 20-30 mm munitions and firing rates up to 7200 rounds per minute.

Capable of operating up to Mach 0.9 and maneuvers up to 5 g, the TDK-39 Aerial Gunnery Tow Target provides a realistic, high performance air-to-air gunnery target at an affordable cost.