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Scout/Warrior 40mm magazine

Scout/Warrior 40mm Ammunition Handling System

With over 35 years’ experience in manufacturing and fielding advanced Linear Linkless™ Ammunition Handling Systems, Meggitt Defense Systems is the leader in design, development and manufacture of medium-caliber ammunition storage and transfer systems for military ground vehicles.

The 40mm Linear Linkless™ Ammunition Handling System is at the forefront of ammunition handling. Meggitt’s unique multi nature system allows for 40mm case telescoped rounds to be loaded anywhere in the system. This flexibility allows for the warfighter to select any round type available in the system, and have it available for use within seconds. Each round is handled individually without a metal link or belt, which reduces the likelihood of any snags or stoppages. The ammunition handling system stores the ammunition in a “serpentine” arrangement, to make the most of the available space.”


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