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RM-30A1 Reeling machine-launcher

The RM-30A1 represents the state-of-the-art in high performance reeling machine equipment. The primary feature of the RM-30A1 over Meggitt’s original RM-30A machine is the complete elimination of all pneumatic and hydraulic systems. The RM-30A1 operates exclusively on electric power and remains compatible with all aircraft on which the original RM-30A system has been qualified. This improved machine is even simpler to maintain than its predecessor and retains all of the original machine’s automatic reeling functions, enabling the tow aircraft pilot to operate this machine with minimal interference to his normal cockpit workload. The RM-30A1 control panel provides a selectable digital display of towline length and tension.

The spool can hold up to 9,450 meters (31,000 ft) of towline depending on the target configuration being towed, mission safety requirements, and towline size. The RM-30A1, RM-30A, and its derivative, the RMK-35 (AGTS-36), are currently in use by many of the military forces of the world, including the United States, Japan, Korea and England. These machines are readily adaptable and certifiable with other tow aircraft.