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Fire-40 Forward infrared emitter

The Fire-40 is a small, lightweight, electrically powered infrared source, designed to be mounted on the wing tip of target drones and in the nose or tail of towed targets. Operating at 28-volts, it produces an operator selectable IR signature from as little as 6 W/str to 40 W/str in the 3-5 micron band and is ideal for use with air-to-air IR guided missiles such as AIM-9 and MAGIC and surface-to-air IR guided missiles such as Stinger, Mistral and RAM.

In addition to it’s very lightweight, small size and low power requirement, a major advantage of the Fire-40 is that its output is not sensitive to airspeed, altitude or mounting orientation and its duration, when linked to a generator such as when mounted in the Meggitt TGX-IR towed target, is unlimited. It is ideally suited for forward facing infrared target augmentation making it especially useful for air-to-air and Navy head on attack profiles.