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AGTS-36 Aerial gunnery target system

The AGTS-36 system meets all aerial gunnery training requirements of a modern fighter aircraft. It is the standard gunnery target for the U.S. Air Force and Air National Guard as well as the Japanese, South Korea, and Taiwan (RM-30B) Defense Forces.

With 6g maneuver capability, tow aircraft are able to execute all typical high-performance combat profiles such as figure eight, butterfly, and high-angle combat dart, as well as basic racetrack patterns.

The TDK-39 Target set includes advanced Doppler Radar Scoring (RADOPS) installed in the target’s forebody featuring a self-contained telemetry transmitter and antenna. The airborne receiving station is installed in the tow aircraft reeling machine and scores are displayed in real time to the tow pilot for transmission to the shooter after each firing pass.

More than 5,000 targets have been delivered to date and this tow system, offering target recovery on completion of the firing mission, offers optimal performance at affordable cost.