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Aeromechanical systems

Meggitt Defense Systems’ free-flying drones, control systems, and payloads consistently set the industry benchmark for performance, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. Our aerial targetry has supported weapon development and in-service training around the world.

We are the world’s leading supplier of towed target systems.

  • Aerial towed and glide target systems
  • Radar, IR, low-level height-keeping, and visually-augmented targets
  • Reeling machines and launch systems, including launch and recovery, ram air-turbine-powered, electric-powered, and one-way inertia systems
  • Towlines to 40,000 ft (12 km)
  • Doppler radar and acoustic scoring systems

Contact: Larry Berger
Director Aeromechanical Systems
email: larry.berger@meggitt.com
+1 949.465.7700

Contact: Kyle Pattermann
Bus Dev Manager Training Systems
email: kyle.pattermann@meggitt.com
+1 949.465.7700