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ProTrak scoring system

The ProTrak provides a cost effective solution for projectile tracking and scoring requirements.

The ProTrak product line is a highly flexible projectile tracking system that can be configured via the use of modular hardware and embedded software for a wide variety of air-to-air, surface-to-air and air-to-surface projectile tracking applications. It can be used for applications such as bullet counting, scalar miss distance indication (MDI), sector scoring or vector scoring. The radar scorer can be programmed based on customer requirements for any dead zone or scoring volume in excess of 40 meters.

In its baseline radar configuration, the ProTrak target set is a small ultra-lightweight, low-cost scorer consisting of one RF module, a telemetry transmitter, radar and telemetry antennas along with associated cabling. This configuration, when paired with a suitable remote processing station such as our GSQ-109, provides scalar miss distance scoring for supersonic as well as subsonic rounds of all types. P or L band telemetry is available.