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EAARS – Enhanced aviation after-action review suite

The Enhanced Aviation After-Action Review Suite (EAARS) provides the capability to combine the data from the Aerial Weapons Scoring System (AWSS), Long Bow Apache, Tactical Engagement Simulation System (LBATESS) and the digital through site video from the AH-64D/E. All data and real-time video is synchronized post gunnery to provide a seamless playback of all aircraft engagements during the live-fire crew qualification tables. The AWSS & LBATESS data is captured and displayed in real-time to provide the master gunner a safety overview of the range and all engagements. Once review/ playback of the data is completed, a take-home package is created that can be installed and run on most standard desktop or laptop computers.

The EAARS is an integral component of the U.S. Army’s Aviation Home-station Interim Package (AHIP). The AHIP was designed for legacy, non-instrumented live-fire ranges to provide enhanced home-station training in a cost effective solution.