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Pathfinder environmental control unit

The ECU supplies 1.0 kilowatt of cooling in a package that is 9.75 inches in diameter and 26 inches in length, and is less than 60 lbs. in overall weight.

The entire flight envelope performance was modeled through a computer program that provided real time data on all of the refrigeration components. These included the compressor, condenser, evaporator and even the aerodynamic shaping of the ram air scoop to maximize performance with no weight excesses.

The coolant flow circuit design is straight forward and Meggitt Defense Systems utilized finite element computer modeling in establishing the ECU structure to be lightweight and yet robust enough to handle aerodynamic and structural loads. To enhance pod maintainability and servicing requirements, an access panel was included within the weight and structural integrity constraints.

Under contract with Lockheed Martin, Meggitt Defense Systems is proud to be a part of the F-16 Pathfinder pod team.