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Thermal management

In the extreme heat of battle, mission critical electronics draw maximum power and generate significant heat. Network centric warfare and future force protection will continue to exponentially increase the power and functional density of these electronics. Due to these increases, additional heat will be generated on both current and future platforms making thermal management a mission critical system for all manned and unmanned combat and support platforms and systems.

The deployment of affordable, rugged, thermal management systems and cooling solutions for military platform electronics, electronics upgrades, and the warfighter, could be the quintessential force multiplier that determines victory.

Meggitt Defense Systems is a true inovator in the development and hybrid cooling systems for ISR/C4I/EW platforms. From 200w to 150kw, our ramair/vapor cycle thermal management systems can be used on large transports like the P-8, C-130 and business jets, high performance aircraft, helicopters and UAV’s/UGV’s. We provide a complete solution including sensor cooling, electonic cooling, air handling units and controls.

Contact: Gerry Janicki
Vice President Thermal Systems
email: gerry.janicki@meggitt.com
+1 949.465.7700

Contact: Jacob Ly
Bus Dev Manager Thermal Components
email: jacob.ly@meggitt.com
+1 949.465.7700