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Thermal Management Systems

Thermal Management Systems, Aerospace Fans, and Aerospace Pumps

Parker Meggitt Defense Systems Division (DSD) is your trusted partner in cutting-edge thermal management solutions, aerospace fans, and aerospace pumps. As a trailblazer in the industry, we specialize in delivering unparalleled performance in extreme environments across military and commercial platforms globally.

Thermal Management Systems

At DSD, we are at the forefront of innovation, specializing in thermal management systems designed for ISR/C4I/EW platforms. Our ramair/vapor cycle systems, ranging from 200w to 150kw, are deployed on renowned platforms such as the P-8, C-130, business jets, high-performance aircraft, helicopters, and UAVs/UGVs. From sensor cooling to electronic cooling, air handling units, and controls, we provide comprehensive thermal management solutions tailored to meet the most demanding requirements.

For over fifty years, DSD has been a leader in supplemental Thermal Management Systems. We have delivered thousands of Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) optimized systems and supplemental Vapor Cycle Systems, contributing to the operational success of some of the most advanced military platforms worldwide.

Aerospace Fans

Our mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic drive aerospace fans are integral components found on a multitude of US armored combat vehicles, helicopters, and ground-based weapon systems. Engineered for minimum weight, high performance, and maximum efficiency, our vaneaxial, mixed flow, and centrifugal fans operate across a broad temperature range, ensuring reliable performance in diverse conditions. With flows ranging from 67 to 15,600 CFM, our aerospace fans come complete with integrated AC/DC motors for seamless integration into various power systems.

Aerospace Pumps

DSD brings decades of expertise to the production of high-performance aerospace pumps. Our meticulous design process ensures an integrated solution that maximizes flow and pressure increase for a given volume and weight. From lubrication to cooling pumps, our aerospace pumps find applications in aerospace, land, and sea platforms. With a wide range of configurations, including gerotors and centrifugal pumps, and drive methods such as AC induction, brushless DC, and direct shaft drive, DSD pumps are trusted on platforms like the Apache AH-64, Osprey V-22, Eagle F-15, LCAC, and many more.

As we continue to innovate, DSD is proud to be at the forefront of developing pumps for the Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) and expanding our contributions across aerospace, land, and sea applications.

Explore the future of thermal management and propulsion solutions with DSD. Contact us for unparalleled engineering excellence and a commitment to advancing technology in the most demanding environments.

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