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1001/1001M1 Instrumentation Cable Assembly

The MEGGITT Model 1001M1 is an instrumentation cable assembly designed to carry sensitive signals in a vibration environment. It is terminated on one end with a standard 10-32 stainless steel, glass sealed connector and a BNC plug on the other. The cable is designed to interface to transducers and amplifiers witha10-32 connector to laboratory test equipment and accessories. The cable is treated to suppress tribo-electric noise.

Model 1001 is a low noise, Teflon jacketed, coaxial cable with stainless steel, hermetic connectors. It features a rugged back shell, strain relief design for increased ruggedness and long term life. The cable design and material selection allows for higher temperature use.

It is designed specifically for piezoelectric accelerometers with high impedance outputs for use in severe environments.