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Abrams M1A2 thermal management system

The Thermal Management System (TMS) is designed to remove excess heat produced by modern electronic equipment employed in today’s ground combat systems. The TMS ensures that combat performance is not degraded due to heat stress.

The modular design was developed to maximize the flexibility of the TMS, and to limit intrusion into the fighting compartment.

A Vapor Compression System Unit (VCSU), which houses the hydraulically driven refrigeration equipment, is mounted in an armored container located in the left corner of the turret bustle rack.

The VCSU connects to the Air Handling Unit (AHU) by armor-protected tubes that deliver cooled propylene glycol and water. The AHU in turn provides cooling via a bulk air discharge into the crew compartment.

Designed for the M1A2 SEP tank, the TMS is readily adapted to other ground combat systems.