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April Showers ECS

The April Showers Environmental Control system (ECS) chiller provides a constant supply of regulated temperature fluid to a helicopter-borne pod.

The ECS provides up to 6.0 kW of cooling capacity in a package that is 19.0 inches in diameter, 18.0 inches in length and weighs less than 135 lbs.

The ECS is designed to maintain and control precise fluid temperatures over the entire helicopter harsh environments and specifically designed to withstand severe salt-water operational environment. The ECS consists of a high efficiency vapor cycle refrigeration cooling circuit and coolant (PAO) re-circulation loop supplying 2.0 GPM of temperature controlled coolant to the pod electronics cold plates.

A 2.0 kW heater is provided to warm-up coolant during low ambient operation. An analog controller provides for ECS control and health/status monitoring. An access panel provided in the ECS cover provides for easy maintenance and servicing.