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6243M1/6243M2 Piezoelectric Accelerometer

Model 6243M1 and 6243M2 piezoelectric accelerometers are designed specifically for use in extremely high temperature environments such as aircraft and ground-based gas turbines. These accelerometers are designed for continuous operation at +1200˚F (+650˚C) and intermittent operation (see note 5) up to +1400˚F (+760˚C). The small size and light weight of these accelerometers facilitate installation in cramped locations with minimal structural support.
Frequency bandwidth extended from 2 kHz to 5 kHz at level +5% and from 6 kHz to 8 kHz at level +3dB when the 6243M1/6243M2 are combined with patented remote charge converter (RCC) 1772-1.