(Day, Date & Time)

Meggitt Defense Systems, Inc regrets to announce that its operations in Irvine, Califronia, have been closed due to [Reason].
The emergency started at [time] am/pm GMT / local time on [day, month, year]
The cause of the incident is being thoroughly investigated by [Insert name(s) of appropriate authorities involved] with the full co-operation of
the Company. In the meantime, we are implementing our Business Continuity Plan.


It is planned for all employees to be contacted by their Manager. Those who are not contacted within 24 hours, should call the number below
for additional instructions. We will also be posting updates on our website at http://wwww. meggittdefense.com

Relatives and Friends

If you have any concerns, please call our emergency call-in number +1 949.465.7700. Please leave your name, employee name, concern, and a phone num-
ber where you can be reached. We will answer all messages, and will forward messages to employee as appropriate, or call you back as soon as
we reasonably can.

Customers and Suppliers

The Company has a Business Continuity Plan and this has been invoked. Essential business activities are being recovered rapidly. Contact can be
made at our emergency call-in number +1 949.465.7700. Further announcement will be made as soon as possible via our web site.


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