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SM-53 Magazine / pre-emptive IR protection

The SM-53 Magazine converts the ALE-50/55 RF decoy system into an advanced infrared expendable decoy system. It does this in a flightline configurable manner, in that the only action required to prepare the system for flight, is to install the appropriate magazine
(ALE-55 RF decoy or SM-53 IR decoy).

The SM-53 capitalizes on the existing ALE-50/55 launcher system in three main areas:

1) It uses the ALE-50/55 chassis to house the SM-53 magazine.

2) It uses the ALE-50/55 conditioned/redundant power and (squib fire) commands sent from the cockpit.

3) It passes BIT information through the ALE-50/55 Launch Controller (IMPLC) back to the cockpit.

The SM-53 can be installed in aircraft equipped with ALE-50/55 decoy dispensers (such as the F-18E/F) with no aircraft modifications.