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RM-62 Aerial tow target reeling machine-launcher

The RM-62 tow reel is a semi-automatic, ram-air, turbine-driven reeling machine designed to reel out, stop, reel in and recover aerial towed vehicles. The towline is stored on a spool and is controlled and guided during reel-in and reel-out by a levelwind and system of sheaves. Reeling and tow vehicle recovery speeds are pre-programmed and automatically controlled by the Microprocessor Logic Control Module (MLCM). The tow reel is controlled by a cockpit or cabin installed panel (dependant on aircraft type) operated by the pilot or designated tow-reel operator.

A fail safe disc brake prevents turbine and towline spool rotation when the tow reel is not in the reeling mode. A redundant towline cutting system employs impulse cartridges to sever the towline if an emergency cut is required.