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Liquid cooled / vapor cycle – Compact Cooler

The Compact Cooler was designed and developed by Meggitt Defense Systems as response to the demands of small, rugged vapor-compression units capable of providing over 1kW of precision liquid cooling.

The unit combines customized parts as well as quality COTS items to make the unit more cost effective. The chassis is compliant with standard ATR dimensions, therefore allowing it to fit alongside existing components that require cooling.

A customizable PID controller enables the user to define various operating temperatures, set points, and alarms. And unlike other liquid coolers, the compact cooler uses refrigerated fluids and therefore can continuously cool critical electronic and communication hardware no matter how hot or cold it gets outside.

It can cool and pump propylene glycol/water, water/ethylene glycol, and PAO at rates from 1-4 liters per minute.