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AN/GSQ-228A Scoring station

The AN/GSQ-228A operates in conjunction with the Meggitt Defense Systems, Inc. (MDSI) AN/DSQ-50A scalar scoring sensor to produce scalar scores. It also operates with other MDSI sensors such as the VDOPS vector scoring sensor to produce vector scores with weapon attitude information. It is the standard US Navy score processor and is deployed on all US Navy test and evaluation ranges.

The AN/GSQ-228A is designed for ease of use and flexibility in processing MDSI scalar and vector scoring data received from target platforms of all types. The AN/GSQ-228A operates in conjunction with test range telemetry site equipment and target based MDSI sensors to acquire scoring data in real-time from weapon intercepts. Intercept data is transmitted from the target platform, in PCM format, via a telemetry downlink to the AN/GSQ-228A where it is processed for event detection and recorded in real-time. IRIG data provided by the range is combined with the input data stream to provide time synchronization to other range instrumentation systems. The data is then processed by the AN/GSQ-228A to produce score results.