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AN/DSQ-50A Miss distance sensor

The AN/DSQ-50A Miss Distance Sensor Set is the reduced-size version of the proven AN/DSQ-50. The AN/DSQ-50A is the airborne element of the AN/USQ-104 RF Scalar Scoring System. Tracking data from the AN/DSQ-50A is transferred in real time to the AN/GSQ-228A scoring set, where it is captured and processed to produce scores for the user. The AN/DSQ-50A is designed for installation into all US Navy targets to acquire scoring information on passing projectiles and missiles. This sensor is ideally suited for installation into subscale targets where available space and weight are a concern. The AN/DSQ-50A is a non-cooperative, scalar miss-distance indicator (MDI) system capable of providing near real-time, accurate miss-distance, time and closing velocity data for high-altitude and low-altitude intercept scenarios. The AN/DSQ-50A operates against high-performance missiles as well as ballistic projectiles as small as 76 mm. The AN/DSQ-50A has the capability to operate in a live-fire training mission environments containing up to six target vehicles, each vehicle equipped with a MDI system. Each MDI operates without concern of interference from the other MDIs.