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Electronic systems

Weapon development and crew proficiency training are essential to maintaining an effective military. Central to satisfying these objectives is the ability to accurately measure the endgame performance of guided weapons and the closest point of approach for ballistic rounds as they pass their intended target.

Meggitt Defense Systems has been the leader in this market for over 35 years. Our radar systems are installed in virtually all US military aerial and surface-based targets, as well as many foreign military targets. Our doppler radar vector projectile tracking systems are the worldwide standard for guided weapon test and evaluation, and provide not only a full three dimensional endgame trajectory relative to the target, but also weapon attitude, which is critical to warhead effectiveness assessment. Our doppler radar scalar projectile tracking systems are used worldwide against all gun types, round calibers and firing rates for gunnery training and qualification. Meggitt Defense Systems’ scoring technology is field-proven, day or night, all weather, and works against all types of subsonic and supersonic projectiles.

Contact: Derek Foster
Director Electronic Systems
email: derek.foster@meggitt.com
+1 949.465.7700